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October 09 2012


Jump the Hurdles in your Future with the Greatest of Ease using Numerology

The subjects of numerology and astrology are vague, confusing, and mysterious for a great many people. Astrology refers to the zodiac calendar, based on information gathered from the stars’ alignment at your time of birth. Numerology relies upon measurement of the word’s vibration, as each and every person's name has a distinctive set of syllables. There are three numbers key to the process, the soul advise number, appearance number, and life path number.

Many parents elect to use numerology as an aid in helping choose the name for their children because it allows them to have a hand in the outcome of their offspring’s destiny. There are many practical and common uses for this method such as love, career, relationships, horoscopes, and more. It is a language of symbols as well as a representation of numbers. Reading into the meanings of numbers of such sort helps to establish and build upon the person’s individuality as well as aptitude, motivation, and creativity.

Numerology chart

When you calculate the sum of your birthday date it is called the life path number, and the number is condensed to a prime number. It determines the native characteristics that will carry you through your whole life. The next one is the expression number or appearance number, which is derived from your birth date and time. The number calculated explains your talents as well as attitude. The last one is soul urge number and it is important for core influence as well as it reflects your inner desires.  Combining the knowledge of these 3 factors gives us a practical way to predict a person’s general life path and destiny.

A lot of people like to learn about numerology because it yields practical knowledge in a quick easy fashion. Numerology is undeniably ever-present in life because mathematics is the language of nature. Every economy is based on numbers. If you are interested to learn about numerology, you can easily obtain knowledge of this subject online.

There is a science of calculating the numbers of the alphabet into numbers. Generally every alphabetical character corresponds to a number. For example the letter A is represented as one. People’s names can be broken down numerological to obtain the important numbers. The main motive of this method is to gain awareness when it comes to your life. There are two types of basic numerology systems available, Chaldean and Pythagorean. Knowing the meaning of your numbers helps you to know yourself better.


Knowing about numerology can make you more aware of what kind of effects, positive or negative, that people have on your life, essentially allowing you to evaluate their worth. You can of course calculate your own self worth, finding areas that could use improvement so that you can focus better on personal development. You ultimately become more aware of what’s going your life as well as the influence of others on your life.

You can find astrology and numerology sites that offer free numerology reports based on a person’s name and time of birth.  The internet puts information at our fingertips so effectively that learning this method becomes academic. Automated scripts take all the workout of it, allowing the layman to easily grasp the core meaning of numerology with no prior knowledge of the subject.

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